Audio Streamer DIY Project

This is a description of my DIY audio streamer. The base is an AsRock motherboard with onboard processor (J1900), wide PicoPSU, 3 linear power supplies (PSU), and the PPA USB V2 Card (Paul Pang). I made linear PSU’s based on the sigma 11 DY project by AMB laboratories (USA). I bought the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) at the webshop, most of the components at Mouser, some at Conrad.I am using the following main parts in my DIY audiostreamer:
  • ASRock Q1900-ITX Motherboard (mobo with on board Intel J1900, TDP 10W)
  • 2×4 GB low voltage geheugen: Trancend DDR3L Sodimm 204 pin – 1600 MHz / PC3L – 12800 – CL11, 1.35 V, non-ECC
  • Samsung 850 EVO Series 250GB
  • PicoPSU-120-WI-25 Wide Input DC-DC Power
  • Paul Pang (PPA) USB card V2 with TCXO clock
  • 1 Sigma AMB PSU at 18V with a large Fisher Elektronics SK 53 100 SA heat sink (Rth= 0.65 K/W or degrees per watt, 100x180x48mm). This should be able to provide max 40 watt (2.2 A at 18V) which is enough for this mobo because the USB card and the SSD will be powered separately.
  • 2 Sigma AMB PSU’s rated 5 Volt 1 Ampere, one for the PPA USB card and another one for the samsung SSD storage.
  • 2 toroidal transformers: 1 rated 20 volt 100VA, 1 rated with 2 x 9 volt, 25 VA.
  • Second hand Silverstone desktop housing Alu color which has enough room to house a separate EMI/RFI shielded section for the power supplies. I might get a better looking house later on.

My audiostreamer (feb ’16). Currently I am running Daphile. My NAS is connected through NFS. The streamer is connected to my Marantz NA7004 which I’m using as a DAC.This DAC is connected to my Exposure 3010S2 integrated amplifier and PMC Twenty 24 loudspeakers.

DSC_4890 (1024x678)

On the left we see the Mobo on the  right we have the power supply section. In between we see the RFi/EMI shield made of one layer of steel and one layer of copper. One 100 VA 20V toroidal transformer and one 25VA 9V toroidal transformer (2 x 9V). 2 Sigma 11 amb PSU’s to get 2 times 5 V 1A, one for the PPA V2 USB card and the other one for the SSD. One PSU rated at 18V 2.2 A for the Mobo (see below). DC Cables from power section to streamer section are shielded types. DSC_4888 (1024x678)

The PPA V2 PCIe USB card.DSC_4885 (1024x678)

The sigma 11 AMB PSU rated at 18V and about 2.2A max. using a large heat sink by Fisher (0.65 F/K). I mounted the heat sink isolated (using rubber and polypropylene screws) from the housing. This prevents me from using a TO-220 mosfet mounting kit which increases the heat resistance too much. Total heat resistance of this set-up is about 4 k/W.

DSC_4872 (1024x678)


DSC_4874 (1024x678)

The SSD powered by 5 V. Mind the sata 3 cable shielded using alumina foil and it is connected to the ground. The PicoPsu is located below the SSD. DSC_4887 (1024x678)


2 thoughts on “Audio Streamer DIY Project

  1. Nice! I’m building a more humble version based on a Raspberry Pi 3 with a Pi-DAC+ from IQaudIO or a HIFIBerry DAC+ and also the Sigma 11 PSU. Ordered the print and parts from AMB yesterday. Any advice on the PSU? Thinks to keep in mind?? Software will be Runeaudio.


    1. Nice project too with a RPI 3 and Hifiberry, there is a pro version of that dac as well with some advantages if i am right. If I remember well, you can power this berry DAC Pro with a separate PSU which should improve Sound Quality (SQ). About the sigma, i just followed the steps by the AMB website, mind the polarity of the electrolytic capacitor C20 which is different from the others. If you need 5V and not 5.1 Volt, you can use LM336-5.0 at D5 position. It gave me 5.07 and 5.04 Volts for the both 5V PSU’s I made.


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