Audio Streamer DIY Project

This is a description of my DIY audio streamer. The base is an AsRock motherboard with onboard processor (J1900), wide PicoPSU, 3 linear power supplies (PSU), and the PPA USB V2 Card (Paul Pang). I made linear PSU’s based on the sigma 11 DY project by AMB laboratories (USA). I bought the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) at the webshop, most of the components at Mouser, some at Conrad.I am using the following main parts in my DIY audiostreamer:
  • ASRock Q1900-ITX Motherboard (mobo with on board Intel J1900, TDP 10W)
  • 2×4 GB low voltage geheugen: Trancend DDR3L Sodimm 204 pin – 1600 MHz / PC3L – 12800 – CL11, 1.35 V, non-ECC
  • Samsung 850 EVO Series 250GB
  • PicoPSU-120-WI-25 Wide Input DC-DC Power
  • Paul Pang (PPA) USB card V2 with TCXO clock
  • 1 Sigma AMB PSU at 18V with a large Fisher Elektronics SK 53 100 SA heat sink (Rth= 0.65 K/W or degrees per watt, 100x180x48mm). This should be able to provide max 40 watt (2.2 A at 18V) which is enough for this mobo because the USB card and the SSD will be powered separately.
  • 2 Sigma AMB PSU’s rated 5 Volt 1 Ampere, one for the PPA USB card and another one for the samsung SSD storage.
  • 2 toroidal transformers: 1 rated 20 volt 100VA, 1 rated with 2 x 9 volt, 25 VA.
  • Second hand Silverstone desktop housing Alu color which has enough room to house a separate EMI/RFI shielded section for the power supplies. I might get a better looking house later on.

My audiostreamer (feb ’16). Currently I am running Daphile. My NAS is connected through NFS. The streamer is connected to my Marantz NA7004 which I’m using as a DAC.This DAC is connected to my Exposure 3010S2 integrated amplifier and PMC Twenty 24 loudspeakers.

DSC_4890 (1024x678)

On the left we see the Mobo on the  right we have the power supply section. In between we see the RFi/EMI shield made of one layer of steel and one layer of copper. One 100 VA 20V toroidal transformer and one 25VA 9V toroidal transformer (2 x 9V). 2 Sigma 11 amb PSU’s to get 2 times 5 V 1A, one for the PPA V2 USB card and the other one for the SSD. One PSU rated at 18V 2.2 A for the Mobo (see below). DC Cables from power section to streamer section are shielded types. DSC_4888 (1024x678)

The PPA V2 PCIe USB card.DSC_4885 (1024x678)

The sigma 11 AMB PSU rated at 18V and about 2.2A max. using a large heat sink by Fisher (0.65 F/K). I mounted the heat sink isolated (using rubber and polypropylene screws) from the housing. This prevents me from using a TO-220 mosfet mounting kit which increases the heat resistance too much. Total heat resistance of this set-up is about 4 k/W.

DSC_4872 (1024x678)


DSC_4874 (1024x678)

The SSD powered by 5 V. Mind the sata 3 cable shielded using alumina foil and it is connected to the ground. The PicoPsu is located below the SSD. DSC_4887 (1024x678)